Thursday, March 3, 2022

Updated Policies

Although provincial mandates have lifted we would like to remind patrons not to come visit us if you are sick or have been sick in the days leading up to your visit. We will also be continuing masking for all volunteers and patrons in the shop for a few reasons:

👉 We are entirely volunteer run and we need our volunteers feeling both safe and healthy to continue offering you wonderful creative people our awesome selection of secondhand art supplies.

👉 Our shop is small and we would also like to make sure those who patron our shop who are at risk (ex: immunocompromised) feel comfortable continuing to come shop.

👉 We are a non-profit and don't have the funds at this time to invest in a plexiglass barrier at our register. This means we will need to be in close contact for all transactions and want to limit any risks by making sure everyone at the register is masked.

👉 We do not have any data/studies about air flow or air exchange in our location and would like to wait until the right season when we can open our garage doors for open hours and hold outdoor events to consider mask optional interactions.

We will continue to make free disposable masks available to anyone coming in to shop and we also have washable cotton cloth masks we can give to you for free. Thanks for your understanding about our continued masking policy! 

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