This is the Mandate of Regina's Art Supply Exchange including Mission, Vision, and Value Statements, as well as, Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Regina's Art Supply Exchange, Inc. is a place for artists of all ages and practices to find and exchange
secondhand materials, media, and supplies for use in studios and/or classrooms in Regina (and area) at minimal costs.

Vision Statement

We are committed to being recognized as a principal location for distributing secondhand materials and engaging Saskatchewan people through our unique reuse model. We envision a population that is committed to redistributing reusable arts materials at a low cost by diverting these objects from our landfills and placing them in the hands of those in need.

Value Statements 

MEET – We act as a meeting point for artists in different disciplines to encounter with the common goal of making art.
SHARE – We believe in artists working for artists by building relationships through sharing materials and supplies, as opposed to an environment that promotes competition.
REUSE – Unlike other secondhand distributors, we focus only on visual art related supplies. Although we are specialized, we are committed to providing options for businesses and people to dispose of their reusable materials in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.
SUPPORT – We distribute items at a significantly low cost to serve all levels of practicing artists (amateur, hobbyist, professional, student, educators, and others).

Strategic Plans

  • Build and maintain relationships with individuals and the community by creating consistent systems of collecting and distributing secondhand materials 
  • Strive to be as accessible and inviting as possible 
  • Foster a dedicated member base 
  • Expand our reach to all members of the arts community 
  • Develop sustainability both financially and environmentally

Annual Reports

Current Report:

Past Reports: