Monday, November 23, 2015

No Top 3 - Week of Nov 23rd + Call for Supplies

Hi Reusers,

We had no donations this week but I will be introducing some holiday giveaways in the coming weeks, so, watch the blog or Facebook for updates.

We also have a new Call for Supplies needed in the community before the end of December:
  • plaster gauze (ie for mask making)
  • plaster of paris 
  • vaseline 
  • lots of decent quality oil based clay/Plasticine (ie Plastelina) 
If you have any of the above items kicking around drop them off during regular hours (Tuesday - Friday 9am-4:30pm) and they will go to the member seeking them out. We will post updates on our Call for Supplies page, so, watch there for the most recent needed lists.

Thanks and Happy Reusing!
Erika Folnovic

Monday, November 16, 2015

Top 3 - Week of Nov 16th + Honourable Mentions

Hi Reusers!

Here are the Top 3 for the week:
  1. Used spools of thread
  2. Joss paper with silver and gold leaf from Ngoy Hoa
  3. Faceless styrofoam mannequin heads

We also had a significant donation of some needlework books and patterns but our shelves need to be cleared before they can go out for sale; there is no room - buy our books! We thought it deserved an honourable mention:

Happy Reusing, folks!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Artist to Artist Exchange NEEDED - Drawing Table

Item Description:
I'm searching for a small sturdy wooden drawing table, maximum 4 feet wide. You have one kicking around, taking up space? Let me take it off your hands! Something like the one pictured would be great, or possibly something more contemporary would work too. Thanks!
Price: Free or cheap is great


Monday, November 9, 2015

Top 3 - Week of Nov 9th

Howdy, my reusing artists and educators out there!

Here are the Top 3 donations of the week:

  1. Shoe boxes full of elastics and other notions
  2. A super sweet sewing case (I just love the green colour - one of my favourites)
  3. Some hooked rug canvases and other plastic mesh

Wow-za, we have been getting lots of items great for any fibre/textile artists out there. Come stop by the shop Tues-Fri 9am-4:30pm on the corner of Broad and Dewdney and pick up some great stuff.

Happy reusing, folks!
-Erika Folnovic

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Artist to Artist Exchange GIVEAWAY - Paper and Envelopes

Item Description (all brand new items):
  • Envelopes with windows
  • Legal size brown envelopes
  • 20 courier 14" x 18" envelopes
  • Others (please ask contact for further details)
Price: FREE


Monday, November 2, 2015

Top 3 - Week of Nov 2nd

Hey Reusers!

Another edition of our Top 3 donations of the week. Items this week include:

  1. Grumbacher Professional Quality Oil Paints
  2. Holiday Cross Stitch Prepackaged Sets
  3. Small Rolls of Tulle

I wanted to point out the great use of reusing in the tulle pictured above. This donor even reused one of our paper bags for their donations. Yah!

Happy Reusing, folks!
-Erika Folnovic