Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bags! Bags! Bags!

Hi Reusers!

Just updated The Shop page on our blog to give you the most recent news on how the shop will work. In particular, I have been busy over the past couple of days sewing some standard bag sizes that members can use when shopping at the ASE. I wanted both paper and fabric versions of these bags for the people who tend to forget their own bag (they can take home the paper ones) and ones that can be used over and over again without tearing for the people who remember their own bag (fabric ones are kept at the shop).

My process...
I bought some standard paper bags in three sizes (small, medium, large), measured them out and built patterns, experimented with some different ways of constructing them (this always takes longer than I want it to!) and then I decided on a pattern making sure the fabric versions would be the same volume as the paper. These bags ended up using three pieces of fabric: one large piece that is the front, back, and bottom and two side pieces that are sewn to the first large piece. I finished the edges inside and on the top, then sewed the top edge into bias tape. Then for the handles I used some recycled ribbons and string. I used stronger upholstery materials I already had on hand and ended up using some I bought new from Ikea (their textiles are so pretty) and others from various garage sales and thrift store trips. Any bags with white around the top and on the handles are the large size (10 punches). Bags with red are the medium size (4 punches) and the black are small (1 punch). Now all I need is our logo printed somewhere on these or maybe a tag inside? I still have 22 days before our launch to figure it all out, but I know it'll go by quicker than I want it to!

Happy Reusing, folks!

-Erika Folnovic

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