Wednesday, June 30, 2021

We need YOU for a community art piece!

Do you want to contribute to a community art project at the Art Supply Exchange?

The Art Supply Exchange is offering FREE opportunities to come paint some wood for a collaborative art project that will be hung in our building. 

Our landlord collected small pieces of wood leftover from renovation projects for us to paint to make this collaborative art piece. All blocks painted will be displayed and put together into a wood mosaic art piece that will hang in our space at 1761 Wallace Street. 

All materials to complete the paintings will be provided for free including wood blocks, palettes, brushes, and acrylic paints. There is no specific theme, so, you can paint anything (but please be advised we are a family space, so, no profanity, nudity, or other content inappropriate for minors will be accepted for the final piece). Some suggestions or ideas to get you started:
  • Paint a block dedicated to someone you love
  • Paint a message of hope or for change
  • Paint about an environmental issue of importance to you
  • Paint your favourite animal or food
  • Paint in your favourite colour
  • Try an abstract design
  • Whatever else you can think of!
We will take a maximum of 8 people in two groups of four each Saturday for 1.5 hours per group with some time in between to disinfect equipment. So come with your family, friend bubbles, and more. Book your appointment today: Wood Block Painting Appointment. Bring your own supplies if you wish! If you wish to pick up some wood blocks to paint on your own at home, you do not need to make an appointment - just come during open hours on Saturdays this summer to participate. All blocks will be due back at the Art Supply Exchange by end of day September 4 to be included in the final project.

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