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Questions About the Art Supply Exchange What is Regina's Art Supply Exchange?

Regina's Art Supply Exchange (RASE) is a nonprofit organization running a shop of affordable secondhand art materials for artists of all ages and practices. From amateurs to professionals and from educators to students, we serve all levels of working artists and arts educators. RASE was started in Regina, Saskatchewan to act as a meeting point for various members in the arts community to (re)distribute reusable art materials. The shop is modeled after Creative Reuse Centres (CRC's) from across North America.

What is a Creative Reuse Centre?

CRC's are dedicated to the redistribution of secondhand art materials. Much like a thrift store, items are collected, sorted, and available for purchase, however, CRC's collect specific items with artists and creatives in mind. CRC's are perfect places for creative individuals, non-profit organizations, and schools on a tight budget to find low cost materials. They also provide environmentally friendly options for community members to donate underused art materials to support creative work happening in their city.

Who runs Regina's Art Supply Exchange?

RASE is volunteer run to ensure supplies can be provided for the lowest possible price. Below is a list of important figures/organizations:

Where is Regina's Art Supply Exchange?

We are located 1761 Wallace Street (near the Ukrainian Co-op, in the triangle created by Arcola Avenue, 11th Avenue, and Winnipeg Street). We share this space with other tenants who use the space during weekdays. Our building back entrance is at ground level and doors are automated. We are 1-block away from bus routes 8 or 7/9 stopping near Winnipeg Street and Arcola Avenue and all bus route stopping near Victoria Avenue and Winnipeg Street (3-blocks away). Parking is free and both our entrance and parking can be found at the rear (there is limited street parking available on Wallace Street). We are a 25 minute walk from the downtown core. Bikes can be brought inside as long as you clean-up any messes left by wet or muddy tires.

When is Regina's Art Supply Exchange Shop open for shopping?

We are typically open from 10:30am-2:00pm Saturdays only, however this is subject to change with volunteer availability. Any irregularities in operational hours will be posted on our homepage, Facebook, and Instagram. Watch our Events page for events outside of regular operational hours. Please visit our COVID-19 Shop Protocols page for information about any health and safety protocols we are observing. 

When and where can I donate supplies to the Shop?

Supplies can only be dropped off during the operational hours and at the location noted above. Please check our List of Accepted Items before dropping off any donations, as we are not like other secondhand stores and there are many items we do NOT accept for donation.