List of Accepted Items

Unlike other second hand retailers, we do not accept all second hand materials. This is partially due to concerns of space, as well as, our clientele. Donations can only be dropped off during open hours (see our About page). Before you donate any supplies please look through these lists to ensure that the item(s) will be accepted at our centre. Check out our brochure or scroll down for a text version:

We DO NOT accept:

  • all clothing and jewelry (we will only accept artist aprons and work gloves that are in reasonable condition)
  • books/magazines (only those related to the arts will be accepted, please contact us before dropping these off)
  • heavily soiled or severely damaged items (please clean supplies before dropping them off, no broken glass)
  • items that are too heavy/large to carry up a flight of stairs by one individual  (sheets of metal, drywall, large frames, others)
  • items not directly related to the storage of visual arts or the creation of visual media (antiques that are broken/not working, coins and collectibles, games and puzzles, household/kitchen items like dishware or figurines, musical instruments, party decorations, seasonal decorations, sports equipment, electronics, others)
  • furniture (couches, chairs, drafting tables, end tables, others)
  • toxic/dangerous items that can pose a risk to the health and safety of patrons, employees, and volunteers (toxic pigments/glazes, others)
  • containers/baskets of any kind, especially not those that have been used to store food or other undesirable substances (wicker baskets, aluminum shells, yogurt containers, ice cream pails, pill bottles, soap making supplies, others)
  • electronic devices (lights, projectors, cameras, others)

We DO accept (this is not an entirely comprehensive list, if you do not see the items you are wishing to donate on this list, please contact us to see if we will accept it. This list is adapted from Reuse Centre Edmonton's list):

*Updated September 27, 2017
  • art and craft supplies [artist canvases - small to medium sized only, artificial flowers, beads, beeswax, bells (craft sized), bobbins, brads, buttons, cellophane, chalk, charcoal (vine and compressed), clasps (for jewelry, unattached only we will NOT accept usable jewelry), clay, clothespins, conte, cookie cutters (unused only), corks, craft kits, crayons, crochet hooks, dowels, elastics, fasteners (snaps, hooks, buckles, etc), feathers, fishing line, floral arranging supplies, foam core, glitter, glue, googly eyes, hot glue sticks, ink pads, jewelry chain, jump rings, keys, knitting needles, magnet backs only (no novelty magnets or items with magnets attached, unused only), marbles, markers, moulds, needles, oil pastels, packing peanuts, paint, paint brushes, pastels, pencil crayons, pencils, permanent markers, pins (for sewing), pipe cleaners, pom-poms, popsicle sticks (unused only), ribbon, rubber stamps, seashells, sequins, sponges, spools, stencils, stickers, stretchers, string, craft styrofoam, tape, thread, toothpicks (unused only), velcro, wire, wood (small blocks & boards only, no large/long boards please), zippers]
  • containers [artist boxes, film canisters, pencil cases, sewing cases or spool storage, tool boxes (small only, no storage units)]
  • fabrics and other fibre [aprons, bags, burlap, canvas on a roll (please contact us about how large this roll is and if we have space), faux fur (unsoiled), felt, gloves (work gloves only), lace, leather, notions (bias tape, rick rack tape, etc), straps, tote bags, upholstery samples, various fabrics, vinyl, wool, yarn]
  • media [blank CDs & DVDs, blank film, jewel cases and CD/DVD paper sleeves, photo slides]
  • paper and plastic products [any paper types on small rolls (wrapping paper, brown craft paper, butcher paper, etc; please contact us about any larger rolls), bristle board, bubble wrap, cardboard tubes, construction paper, crepe paper, envelopes, graph paper, index cards, looseleaf paper, matboards, misprinted paper (one side blank), notepads, page protectors, paint swatches, paper bags, photo paper, post-it notes, posters relating to art theory or the arts, sandpaper, scrapbooking paper, sewing patterns, sketch books/journals, stationery, straws, tags, tissue paper, transparencies, usable scraps of paper, wallpaper]
  • tools/office supplies [clipboards, geometry sets, hole punches, markers, paper clips, pencil sharpeners, pens, push pins, rulers/measuring tape/yard sticks, scissors, seam rippers, small hand tools (wrenches, pliers, etc), small hardware (nails, screws, brackets, etc), stapler & staples, tape dispensers, thumbtacks]
  • various [art books/magazines/posters, dressmaking tailor/dress forms, picture frames with or without glass (small, if larger than 20 inches, please contact us about space), wire coat hangers (no plastic please)]