Plan a Workshop With Us

Starting Fall 2017, we are looking for established and emerging artists and educators to organize workshops at our space at the Creative City Centre! Our goal is to start with one workshop a month and build from there if we have consistent interest in our workshops. If you have a great workshop idea in the back of your mind that revolves around reuse, recycling, and eco art, please read on!

Workshop Benefits

  • We will provide space free of cost to the workshop host (no rental fee required).
  • We can accommodate up to 20 people in our space for an artist talk or non-participatory workshop or 10 people actively working at tables.
  • Advertising will happen on our blog and Facebook to help you reach new audiences for your workshop.
  • Workshop hosts will receive one free punch card at the conclusion of their workshop (valued $10 cash or upwards of $50+ in second hand art materials). 
  • All fees collected will be used solely for necessary materials purchases required for the workshop. The goal is to make most workshops free to attend whenever possible to keep these workshops inclusive.

How to Get Started

Contact Us today to discuss your workshop ideas! Send us an e-mail with "Workshop Proposal" in the subject line and with a CV or resume attached to the e-mail. Please read further for other requirements needed before starting a workshop:

  • Must have photos of similar work available for the workshop planned and a selfie/headshot for posters and planned advertising one month before planned workshop (example: you can make a sample project and photograph it or you can have photos of your studio work if you are an artist).
  • Workshops must revolve around visual arts and reuse practices, however interdisciplinary workshops will be considered around reuse and recycling.
  • Must provide an artist statement or a link to a website where information about you or your organization can be located.
  • No previous workshop experience necessary.
  • For all ages events a Criminal Record Check is required before working with minors.
  • Proposals will only be accepted at the sole discretion of the RASE Board based on: availability of space, the project relevance to our mandate as an organization, and adherence to legislation and bylaws on the land and in the space in which the workshop is run. The RASE Board has the right to refuse any workshop proposal and is under no obligation to run the workshop once an initial e-mail from the potential workshop host is received.